Nutrition Consultation by Melani McBratney CFNS, CKNS

Most of my adult life, I motivated myself with the misconception that in order to have the ultimate lean physique, I had to eat less and work more. I had always been hyper-diligent with my fitness regime, doing a variety of workouts from TRX, Tabata, HIIT, weights, spin classes, long distance running to playing soccer, anywhere from 4 to 7 times a week. I made healthy food choices and didn’t overindulge in alcohol or desserts, but despite doing everything that I believed to be right, I couldn’t achieve the lean, muscular build that I desired. And with every year I aged, that goal seemed that much more unattainable. So I worked harder, ran farther, lifted heavier and ate less, until the day I met my fitness nutritionist and was educated on the integral role nutrition plays in building a strong, lean, high performing body.

The program taught me that in order to achieve my goals I needed to eat more, not less. That the food I was eating in a day could not sustain the physical demands I put my body through, so I was storing my calories as fat and burning my lean muscle mass instead. After having my body composition and my fitness routine analyzed, my nutritionist designed a plan specific to me that had me fueling my body with a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats, at more frequent intervals and doubled my daily calorie intake. Within a few months I’d lost 11 lbs, 8% body fat and shaved 8 minutes off of my fastest 10 km run time….and all I did was change my eating. I was leaner, stronger, faster, and fitter.

What I discovered is not a diet, it is not a fad. It’s a lifestyle. It is the science of your metabolism and eating in such a way that it is always burning, keeping you fueled for fitness and for life. This program has had such a meaningful impact on my life that I chose to become certified as a Fitness Nutritionist, so that I could share this program with others like myself, that are committed to fitness, or just a healthier life, but are missing that invaluable knowledge of what, how much, and how often to eat to achieve their goals. My love for sport and involvement in youth athletics incited my interest in becoming certified in kids’ nutrition, as well, so now I am able to instill healthy eating habits in young athletes and provide them with a knowledge they can carry with them through their whole lives.

Melani McBratney, CFNS, CKNS