Fat Loss

Are you hungry for change?

It is counterintuitive to what we think we know about nutrition, but eating more can actually result in less body fat. In fact, an empty stomach is the antithesis to an effective fat loss plan. The key to achieving a lean physique and sustained energy is to eat a balanced diet at regular intervals throughout the day, so that our metabolism never slows and we always feel fueled and energized.

Carbohydrates are not only convenient and delicious, but are a necessary source of energy for our bodies. However, if we don’t eat enough, our system will synthesize the necessary glucose it needs to meet our basic metabolic needs and any additional output, by catabolizing either our fat stores or lean muscle mass. The only way to ensure our body breaks down fat, as opposed to valuable muscle, is to never have long periods of fast where the preservation instinct causes it to store it as a long term energy source.

Because no two people are alike, every individual’s carbohydrate requirement is different, which is why a customized nutrition plan is essential to determining the perfect balance of macronutrients necessary to trim the fat!