ReFLEXion Fitness Nutrition Consulting

With so much misinformation about food and diet on the internet and in the media, is it any wonder that the leading reason we’re unsuccessful in reaching our fitness or body image goals is nutrition?

What should we eat? How much and when? Should we carb load, reduce carbs or eliminate them all together? Should we count calories, points or macros? Shake, fast, cleanse or all of the above?

Whether you're a self-proclaimed gym rat, a runner, a dancer, a triathlete, play a sport or are just an avid hiker or walker...if you're not fueling your body with the proper nutrition, you aren't achieving the maximum benefit of all your hard work.

Active bodies need to be fed an adequate balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats in order to build lean muscle mass, reduce body fat and enhance athletic performance. And because no two individuals are the same, you require a customized nutrition plan, designed specifically for your age, gender, body composition and fitness level in order to achieve a strong, lean physique and to perform at your highest level.

This customized nutrition plan is NOT a diet, and there is no deprivation. There is no gimmick and no magic pills or shakes to buy. It is quite simply the science of your metabolism and learning to eat in such a way that you are building lean muscle mass, while burning fat instead of storing it. Eat a combination of real foods all day long, get active….and start to love your REFLEXION!


Reflexion Nutrition Counselling
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Reflexion Nutrition Counselling guides athletic performance through the right steps
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Reflexion Nutrition offers proper nutrition guidelines for youth involved in a variety of sports.
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Reflexion Nutrition Counselling offers various combinations of best food practices for athletes of every sport.
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