Our clients are thrilled with their results! Read their stories!

Lukas Bannerholt- 15 yrs old

Melani has helped me improve as an athlete immensely. Her program is flawless and has allowed me to put on large amounts of muscle in less than a couple of months. Before I met her and did the program I had no idea what carbs or proteins meant and what they did, how much you take of each, or really anything. Saying that, now after several months of doing the program, I am more knowledgeable than ever. Thank you Melani for being a great support to me.

Freedom Bannerholt

It’s a blessing to have someone like Melani in your corner. She is extremely knowledgeable, and easy to confide in. Mel takes the time to get to know you and how your life and schedule works; allowing her to customize a nutrition plan that makes your goals achievable. She sets you up for success with her ongoing support, positivity, and commitment. Her dedication to her clients comes through in every text, email and meeting. I would recommend Melani and her program to anyone!

Annette Stevens, MD FRCP

I started working out regularly a year ago with the goal of building some upper body strength and trimming down my overall appearance. When I added in Mel's fitness nutrition plan I saw rapid changes - especially in loss of abdominal fat. She's supportive and flexible enough to incorporate my vegan"ish" diet. I am really pleased.

Jenna Adams

BEFORE – Jan 2017

"This plan has been the missing puzzle piece I have been looking for. I saw immediate results with fat loss and muscle gain. Not only is this plan easy to work into your daily life, but I believe it is completely sustainable long term. I would recommend this plan to anyone who is struggling with their fitness or weight goals".

AFTER – 5 weeks later

Mike Saini

I started my Reflexion journey on Jan 18/2017 weighing in at 228lbs and just over 20% BF. After countless hours at the gym for over 12 years, I wasn’t making any progress by myself, despite all of my own well-intentioned “research”. For me, it was a mental barrier to overcome that I was starving my body of the proper nutrition at the proper time throughout the day. After Mel explained (very clearly and concisely, I might add!) how the body stores and uses food energy from different macros, it only clicked partially. The plan Mel created for me was 100% customized based on my weight, composition, and activity levels. And the plan worked! And the plan changed my life. I saw results immediately and consistently. Now into my third month of this nutrition plan which has since become a lifestyle habit, I’ve dropped just over 22 lbs of fat mass and increased lean mass by 11 lbs! Mel is a great coach and motivator. She is supportive, always available to answer questions and offer insights from her own personal journey. I would recommended Mel and Reflexion without hesitation to anyone who wants to improve their health and well-being.

Jennifer Oppenheim

I am a woman in my late 40's and I have always been active. Running, kick boxing, weight lifting and attending yoga classes was a regular part of my weekly routine. Despite all of my hard work, I was low on energy and never seemed to change physically.I began an exciting new nutrition plan with Melani and I noticed changes in my body very quickly. My energy level and my mental clarity increased dramatically. Mel has inspired me to surpass my goals and achieve an incredible level of fitness and health.
Thank you Melani!!

Tara Oliver

After having my second child, I was struggling losing the last 10 lbs. I have always been a healthy eater (for the most part), and really into fitness. After my first little one I bounced back so quickly l thought I'd do the same with my second. About 4 months post pregnancy I started working out and running with my dog, any spare second I got. I was at the point where I was barely eating because I was not seeing the numbers on the scale go down. When I reached out to Mel (6 months post pregnancy) I was beyond frustrated, and when she told me how much I was going to have to eat I thought there was no way I could lose doing this. My husband decided he wanted a meal plan as well!

Two months in, all I can say is WOW!!! My husband is already down to 9.5% body fat and gained a ton of muscle. He's never been in this kind of shape! And for myself, it has kicked my sluggish metabolism into high gear and I am well on my way to reach my fitness goals! It's 100% true that abs are made in the kitchen, I have worked out way more and harder in the past and did not have the muscle definition I have now. Before and after picture to come....
Thank you Mel for everything you have done and all the support you continue to give me.