Is your young athlete getting enough of the essential macronutrients necessary to fuel their fitness?  

Many youth commit a tremendous amount of time and energy training to excel in their sport, but rarely is equal focus given to their diet or the foods that fuel their fitness.

Without adequate carbohydrates, glucose and glycogen stores are depleted during training, forcing the body to break down valuable muscle mass for energy. Consuming enough protein is also critical to build lean muscle and balance blood sugars. Proper nutrition compliments an intense training schedule and elevates an athlete to the next level!!

The Youth Athletics Nutrition Program is designed to set the minimum daily requirements of protein, carbohydrates and fats that your young athlete needs based on their age, gender, body composition and physical output.

More importantly, it teaches them the benefit of healthy eating habits to keep them energized throughout their day and ingrains valuable nutritional knowledge they can carry with them through their lives.